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Basic to basic.
One child.
One month.

For every sweater sold, a child can go to school for a month.

How it works:

  1. Each sweater purchase directly supports a child's education and nutrition for a full school cycle.

  2. The number on the right sleeve indicates both the supported month and child. For instance, "3/1" is "month/child" In the example of Joshua would you support the third month of his education.

  3. Your support enables the child to attend school daily and receive two meals, fostering academic and nutritional well-being.

  4. Each child's school cycle spans 48 months of secondary education. Afterward, they can independently decide whether to pursue college or opt for vocational training.

Plutostaub works with the non-profit organization Inuka eV .


Joshua is 13 years old. He is the first child to be fully supported by Plutostaub. After the loss of his father, he is no longer able to attend secondary school. A good education has become a long way off. With Plutostaub, he can go back to school and continue pursuing his dream job of being a doctor.


Already supported children




The idea for 'Plutostaub' came about in 2023 out of the desire to support more children through Inuka eV. We all love our cozy sweaters. When we can't wear it during the day, we look forward to finally getting home and slipping into it. With Plutostaub we not only look marvelous, we also do something good for others. An absolutely basic piece of clothing creates the basis for something else that we consider basic and that we don't really think about: school and a warm meal.


By the way, 'Plutostaub' is the nickname of the founder, Andrea.

Our standards



Organic cotton

Fairly produced in Portugal

serial number

Only authentic with a herzal on the bottom

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